Bradford Golf Club NEW League Night Play for 2020

2020 League night regulations


We are changing the Men’s night format this year to hopefully make this an event more people want to join. This year the league will be open to anyone that wants to play. This year you also will not have to be a member to participate. We hope these changes appeal to many more as we really want this great event to grow.





?        2 person teams

?         9 holes match play

?        Scoring

o         All player will have a league Handi cap that will be based on league night play only.

Club Pro will set for 1st and 2nd night and from then on be based on actual league night scores.

o        2 points for win o              1 point for half

o        Score cumulative for year

?         Play for 15 weeks (weather dependent)

?        At end of 15 weeks the 4 teams with highest points move to a playoff o        Saturday after league finishes

o        Shot gun at 9:00AM #1 team plays #4 and #2 plays #3 for match play 9 holes

o         Shot gun after first 9, 30 min delay Winners play for 1st and 2nd and losers play for 3rd and 4th.

?        Substitutes

o         Team is responsible for getting a sub. o    Sub Handi cap will be set by club pro. o     Each person allowed 2 subs per year

o        If more than 2 subs per year team penalized 3 points for night sub plays o        Weekly fees for subs same as regular

?         Makeup match

o         Allowed if both teams agreed

o         Needs to be played within two weeks of missed match

o        If cannot be played within two weeks team that cannot make match night forfeits and they get zero points for week and other team gets 10 points.

?         Only one team member

o         Match can be played with only one team member but that player plays against both others players



?        Tuesday nights, start May 19th (weather dependent), last match Aug 25th

?         Shot gun start at 5:30 PM

?         Have league closing fun golf night and cook out Tuesday after play off



?        Fee to join $75 per person

?         Weekly greens fees

o       Members – no charge

o        Non-Members $10

?         Weekly prize money $5

o       All weekly prize money to be paid out 100% weekly

o        Weekly action to be determined by Club Pro

?        IE; low gross, low net, closest to pin, longest put etc..

?         End of year payout:

o       50% of fees taken in (not weekly prize money) will be paid out

o        The four teams making it to the playoffs will split the money

?   1st  - 40%

?    2nd – 30%

?    3rd – 20%

?    4th – 10%

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