Bradford Golf Club Membership Letter
Greetings Golfers!
The Bradford Golf Club is energetically working on plans for the 2020 golf season as you read this letter. We acknowledge it is time for more energy and excitement in the membership and atmosphere in order to thrive. The amount of memberships and play across the country has dipped over the past few years causing financial difficulty for clubs to stay open and thrive, and things are not any different at our course. Kristi and Kraigen kept the course in good shape and the greens really came around and looked amazing as things took shape this past season.

Going into 2020 we have secured a line of credit to do some much-needed maintenance on our equipment that we have not had the finances to do over the past few years. The equipment we have is top notch, but it is older and requires some upkeep.
Because of its quality it will last for a very long time when taken care of!!

One of our goals is to be able to put money back into improving and upgrading our course. In the Tiger Woods Era and earlier the Club had over 300 members, and the 4th and 1st greens were rebuilt along with the 4th tee box. New fairway, rough and greens mowers were purchased as well. Under Dr. Jim and then Randy Odell the course was well taken care of with their time and energy, while taking no financial compensation, as has always been the case with the board of directors (All money has been put back into the course).

The course is a great asset to our small community, and we aim to keep it that way as an a?ordable and enjoyable place for anyone to play golf. We canít imagine it not existing!
We are going to open our Tuesday night league up to non - members and change the format to one that involves a wider range and larger number of players to compete. We will be looking into other possible events as well. As we develop this, we will be reaching out to current and past members to give us input as to what the best format will be.

This past summer was our second season of Foot golf. The amount of play more than doubled from the first year. We will be looking to start a Foot golf league in 2020 as well. We will also depend on our members to spread the word about the course being a friendly fun place to play golf without having a long wait for tee times and not having to spend 5 - 6 hours to get 18 holes in.

We will be running a special for anyone who has not joined the course before (or in the last two years), for their first year ($425 plus tax). There will be no increase in membership rates from last year for current members. Foot golf Memberships are the same as Golf memberships (Both Golf and Foot golf are included with either membership, i.e. buying one gets you access to the other). With an increased membership comes more diversity in ideas and social enjoyment out on the course.

We will have another letter out in the next few months that has more specifics about what will be happening next year, but we wanted to reach out to all our current and past members to say thanks for supporting us, and to those that have not been back in a few years to please come back and give us another opportunity! As we have mentioned above, we feel that this is not only a golf course, but an important venue for our small community.

Bradford Golf Club Inc. Board of Directors
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